hamlet1[1]The eighteenth Stafford Festival Shakespeare Production, one of Britain’s leading open air drama productions, presented Hamlet – in the atmospheric grounds of Stafford Castle.¬†Rather than evoking a particular time or place the focus for the music was on creating mood and atmosphere and drew upon traditional Scandinavian rhythms and instrumentation, combined with modern electronic elements, giving the score a dramatic, filmic feel.

      Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Some cues were performed live by musicians who were part of the players travelling troupe. This involved working closely in rehearsals to fit the music to the action. Particularly challenging was the brief to compose music to underscore various soliloquies. This resulted in a drone-like ambience that gradually became more dissonant as it reflected Hamlet’s increasing anguish.



About David Harper Composer

David Harper has over 20 years experience performing and composing music for various media including film, commercials, theatre, sonic art, mixed-media and art installations. davidharpermusic.com luxmuralis.com
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