rffiraffDavid composed music for ‘Riff Raff’, the UK premiere of award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne’s powerful hit play at The Arcola Theater, London, 6th April – 24th April 2010.

RIFF RAFF takes place on All Hallows Eve in a third floor apartment in an abandoned building in New York City’s lower east side. It is a refuge for crack heads and junkies. It is so desolate that it is even deserted by them. After a drug heist rapidly going very bad, 20/20 Mike and Torch seek temporary coverage here where they await Tony “the tiger” Lee who is to help them escape to safe haven. This is a true test of loyalty to blood and friendship. Where Mike grew up with Tony and Billy “the torch” Murphy is Mike’s long lost half brother, Mike struggles with decisions that will ultimately determine his fate. Having just met his half brother, Mike is not so sure of Torch’s abilities to guide their survival, So he turns to his old childhood cohort and relies on their long established connection to help them escape the wrath of Manny Ramirez. The question is who can be trusted when brothers by blood and brothers by association combine in a do or die situation?

Written by Laurence Fishburne. Directed by Bill Buckhurst. Designed by Simon Kenny. Sound Design by Sebastian Frost. Cast: ARIYON BAKARE, KARL COLLINS, EUGENE O’HARE.

About David Harper Composer

David Harper has over 20 years experience performing and composing music for various media including film, commercials, theatre, sonic art, mixed-media and art installations. davidharpermusic.com luxmuralis.com
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